Various tours that can be found in the city of Semarang such as enjoying the splendor of ancient architecture, where for tourists who want to enjoy ancient buildings can visit the Old City, there are buildings that stood from ancient times with wide and tall doors and sculptures with a vintage impression so that they can bring tourists to remember the past.

An ancient building located in the well-known capital city of Central Java, namely Lawang Sewu, this building has existed since the Dutch era and has been restored so that it can be enjoyed by the community today.

In addition, Semarang has several tours with natural backgrounds such as the love hill of Rawa Pening, Eling Bening, Saloka Theme Park, Gedong Songo Temple, Merbabu View and Cafe, Kopeng Gunugsari Agrotourism, Ambarawa Railway Museum, Celosia Bandungan Flower Park and many others.

Tourists can also enjoy identical culinary delights from the city of Semarang, namely Lumpia, other culinary delights that are no less interesting that should be tried for tourists, namely tofu dreadlocks, ferocious asem ayam, soto bangkong, tripe gongso, planetary bananas, roti gangal rail, nasi pindang, wingko tripe, presto milkfish, gandos, kopyok noodles.

City Tours

City tour is a tourist trip that visits tourist objects in the city. City tours can be used as tourists to get to know the city or tourist attractions visited. CityTour should continue to be implemented as an effort to increase the number of tourist visits. Things that can be done on a city tour include visiting traditional markets, buying handicraft knick-knacks, visiting museums, enjoying city trips and enjoying interesting culinary delights.

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Semarang Tour is the amazing tour, beseides, we visit to Semarang City Tour, there are two options either Borobudur or Prambanan Temple,, that's our service to your, Welcome to Semarang,
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