Traveling is generally an activity to find entertainment that is used by someone to relax, increase enthusiasm for work, and release boredom at the office. The activities chosen are very diverse, not infrequently some people choose to take a vacation for a few days to visit several places that they may not have visited or places they have visited, this is included in the overland tour.

Overland tours, travel trips by land such as along city roads, villages. Overland products are here as an option for people who want to travel domestically by land
Usually use land transportation such as cars, buses, trains, and so on. This kind of tourism model can be chosen for tourists who want to travel activities with a long journey.

Trust your precious time to enjoy a long journey with us, here are overland tour packages that you can choose from:

  1. Surabaya-Bali Tour Package 5D/4N

  2. Bromo, Ijen, Bali Tour Package 6D/5N

  3. Jakarta – Bali Tour Package 17D/16N

  4. Jakarta – Bali Tour Package 11D/10N

  5. Bali – Lombok Tour Package 10D/9N


, , , 11 Days 2-10 People
We are highly commited to increase our best service hospitality whenever the order comes and trust us to perform this organized tour.
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