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java-volcano-bali-nusa-penida for one day is one of the serial long package tour. This bali tour package 1 Day is intended for the certain & well off Foreign Guests which start from Bali Harbor at picking up hours time around 05:00 – 07:00. then provide you to Nusa Penida for one day. Fo rthe next recommended option tour would be Denpasar City tour, Ubud and tanah lot.

First Guide will pick you up directly to Sanur Port at 07:00 Am, taking a boat to Nusa Penida at 08:00 Am. Then coming back to Sanur Bali at 15:00 Pm.

Package is a favorite tour choice every year. Many local or foreigner tourists come and visit here to enjoy the panorama and feeling the clear atmosphere and let’s come and enjoy for the great adventure. In this package tour, we provide you several tourism spots around in Bali island through Nusa Penida for one day .

Spot Tourism That Can Be Visited While In Bali island through Nusa Penida:

  • Kelingking Beach
  • Broken Beach
  • Angel’s Billabong Beach and
  • Crystal Bay

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Notes : You can discuss tour packages with us regarding the price and duration of the tour. We provide according to your holiday needs

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Bali Nusa Penida tour can increase harmony, where the purpose of traveling is to build positive interpersonal bonds. Therefore, many people spend part of their time traveling with friends, family , group of travellers or with special agent : Bromo Indonesia Travel – This traveling is recommended for those of you who have a solid activity of  vacation days.

Bali Nusa Penida of Indonesia has a variety of tourist treats from nature and artificial that you can enjoy with the person of your choice. One of them is on the island of Bali.

We  Bromo Indnesia Travel have various tour packages highlights with various tourist destinations that you can use for traveling – especially after website  –  menue – Cruiship tour and Bali Paradise

We recommend you have partener/ friends in range  2 , 4, 6, 8 or 10. Then if the number of Guests  above than 10, you must confirm to us first, at least 1 month before the order, so we can publish  it to you the available check of price as soon as possibleNI

NUSA PENIDA HIGHLIGHTS  with the all destination – > you can read here more in detail

  • Kelingking Beach  / Bali Nusa Penida you can reach here in detail

  • Broken Beach

Broken Beach locally known as Pantai Pasih Uug is one of the top picturesque and most visited destinations on Nusa Penida Island.

Uniqueness, a tranquil and incredible scene, which is a great spot for travel photographers and panoramic view seekers.

Where there are reach of cliffs 50-200 meters high. Cliff circular shape and the middle forming holes like caves or tunnels sea. The sea water as if caught in the middle of the cliff that makes it seem a big pond.

Broken Beach (Pasih Uug) has big natural pool, with about a hundred meters in diameter, created by sea abrasion and collapsed limestone hill in million years ago. This hole has 98 meter in diameter and offering unique and scenic view.

Incredible views like heaven on earth where in a middle of a cliff there is a circular hole and tunnels that penetrate directly to the sea, with breathtaking views of the ocean and the cliffs.

This mesmerising place, you can’t find a beach like this in any parts of this world, except on Nusa Penida Island in Bali.

So if have a plan to Bali on holiday especially everyone’s Instagram feed lately or YouTuber, Broken Beach (Pasih Uug) is must be in your list.

Angels Bilabong Beach at Nusa Penida

An incredible natural infinity pool on Nusa Penida Island’s Southwestern cliff edge with its emerald hues and crystalline waters!

Angel’s Billabong is another popular  attractions on Nusa Penida with natural infinity pool is framed by rock cliffs and hangs out over the ocean overlooking Manta Point Beach.

It’s located nearby Pasih Uug (Broken Beach), another popular site with unique limestone formations. The naturally formed rock lagoon offers a scenic seascape.

With its emerald hues and crystalline waters, the Angel’s Billabong is the epitome of stunning.

You can descend into its crystal-clear rock pools for a swim or a soak, but only during low tide.

Keep reading and find all you need to know before you go to Angel’s Billabong, but feel free to jump to any section that interests you.

  • Cristal Bay ( this is the the alternative spot if the time is possible, otherwise we cancel it.

Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida is both a beautiful sandy beach that is easily accessible by road, as well as a famous spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. It’s an extraordinary spot with a spectacular rock in the middle of the bay. For sure one of the top places to visit in Nusa Penida.

Crystal Bay is an amazing beach on the island of Nusa Penida in Bali. The beach is easily accessible by scooter with a brand new road all the way from Toyapakeh harbour. You can spend your day enjoying the beach and the sea, or just relax in the shade under a parasol. If you’re very lucky you might even see dolphins here. The sunset from this beach is probably among the most spectacular in Nusa Penida. For all the above reasons Crystal Bay is among the top 5 places to visit on Nusa Penida island.

Snorkeling at Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is, together with Gamat Bay, one of the best sites to go snorkeling in Nusa Penida. You can rent your snorkeling gear at one of the beach warungs to discover the coral and marine life of this beautiful spot. You can see turtles quite regularly, as well as a lot of different fish and very colorful coral. However, be careful as the current can be very strong here, as well as everywhere else in Nusa Penida.

Don’t forget to bring your fins when you go into the water and don’t go too far out. You can use the mooring points of the boats that are parked in the bay as a reference point. I recommend you not to go past these points. Also, don’t try to reach the rock in the middle of the bay, even though it’s tempting to check out the small temple that is built on top of this rock.

Lastly, try to avoid swimming too close to the right side of the bay, as the waves might drag you onto the corals here at low tide. If you stick to these instructions, Crystal Bay is a great spot to discover the underwater world of Nusa Penida!

The beach is, furthermore, also a good starting point for a boat trip to see Manta Rays at Manta Bay. You can book the trip directly with your hotel or try to ask any captain at Crystal Bay in the early morning.


  • Kelingking Beach
  • Broken Beach
  • Angela's bilabong Beach
  • Cristal Bay


Crystal Bay, Angel's Billabong, Broken Beach & Kelingking Beach

06.00-07.00: Meeting point at Bali Harbor, then our guide will pick you up, then we proceed to Sanur Harbor and then going to Nusa Penida by boat about 40-50 minutes.

08.00 : Then from Nusa Penida Harbor, our local guide will pick you up to proceed four tourism spot: Crystal Bay, Anggel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, and Kelingking Beach. And have a lunch around there.

16.30-15.00 : Preparing to Nusa Penida Harbor and go back to Sanur.

16:00 : Transfer to Bali harbor and free program.


The Trip Cost Includes

  • Pick up or drop off service from and to the transit location (by own vehicle)
  • Entrance ticket
  • Transport to and from!!
  • Meals during the trip (Lunch and a cup of coffee or tea)
  • Mineral water and snack
  • professional guide
  • First Aid Medical Kit (Your Guide will bring a Medical Kit but we also recommend bringing your own for your own use, as far as possible)

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Visa Charges
  • Your travel and medical insurance
  • Personal Expenses such as shopping, bar bills, hot shower, telephone, laundry, titbits etc
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