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tour-java-volcano-ijen-greenbay-palmerah 1 Day Cruise Ship is the exploration of the city of Banyuwangi, which is located on the easternmost island of Java, dubbed the Sunrise of Java. Banyuwangi has a lot of unique and interesting charms that will amaze us and the closest city to Bali. For our next recommended tour when you are in Bali is Bali N PenidaDenpasar City TTanah LotUbud

Some unique and interesting places of Banyuwangi tour package that you can choose for 1 ( Day) tour :

On this short day trip you will choose among : Ijen Crater, Pulau Merah or Green Bay

If you choose Ijen Crater, you will see the beauty of Ijen Crater by driving a Jeep.

Some of the uniqueness of Ijen Crater that you need to know:
The existence of blue fire is a natural phenomenon that occurs in Ijen Crater and can be seen only when the sky is dark (from six in the afternoon to 4 in the morning. Blue Fire is only owned by 2 mountains in the world. In addition, Ijen Crater is the world’s most acidic lake. It’s a low pH of 0.5 so that there are no living creatures in it, Ijen Crater Lake also contains sulfur gas (H2S and SO2). It’s bright green.

And if you choose the Green Bay trip, you will see the beauty of the bay which is located south of Pesanggrahan, Sarongan Village, Banyuwangi. This bay has an attraction that is clear green water, soft white sand, 8 meter high waterfall and beautiful coral views. Many call this bay as a hidden paradise.

Table For IJEN CRATER Price Per Pax / Person & for group in range 2, 3-4, etc

Pax 1 2 3-4
Price in $ USD of Gold / VIP200 125100

Table of ijen Crater Cruise Tour

Table For PAL MERAH OR GREEN BAY BEACH Price Per Pax / Person & for group in range 2, 3-4, etc

Pax 1 2 3-4
Price in $ USD of Gold / VIP200 125100

Table of Pal Merah Cruise Tour

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Banyuwangi tour can increase harmony, where the purpose of traveling is to build positive interpersonal bonds. Therefore, many people spend part of their time traveling with friends, family , group of travellers or with special agent : Bromo Indonesia Travel – www.tourjavavolcano.com. This traveling is recommended for those of you who have a solid activity of  vacation days.

Banyuwangi tour 1 day such as Ijen , Green &  Paal Red Island of Indonesia has a variety of tourist treats from nature and artificial that you can enjoy with the person of your choice. One of them is on the island of Java.

We  Bromo Indnesia Travel have various tour packages highlights with various tourist destinations that you can use for traveling – especially after website www.tourjavavolcano.com  –  menue – Cruiship tour and Banyuwangi 1 Day

We recommend you have partener/ friends in range  2 , 4, 6, 8 or 10. Then if the number of Guests  above than 10, you must confirm to us first, at least 1 month before the order, so we can publish  it to you the available check of price as soon as possible.



The Active Volcano for Adventurer Hikers

Ijen plateau, also known as ‘Kawah Ijen’ is highly recommended for nature enthusiasts and hikers. The Plateau was at one time a huge active crater, 134 sq km in area. Ijen is a quiet but active volcano, and the landscape is dominated by the volcanic cones of Ijen (2,368 asl) and Merapi (2,800 asl) on the northeastern edge of the Plateau, and Raung (3,332 asl) on the southwestern corner.

A Home to the Phenomenal Blue Fire

The beauty of Ijen Crater has been recognized across the world. In March 2016, this magical lake has been included in UNESCO’s World Biosphere Reserves. When you arrived here after walking through a road surrounded by lush greeneries, a refreshing chill breeze will greet you right away. The air around Ijen Crater normally will reach about 10 degrees celsius daily. Sometimes, it might even hit 2 degrees celsius. In the day, the mesmerizing sight of sunlight radiating a turquoise lake enveloped with smokes will give you an everlasting impression. Several small vents can be found surrounding the crater. They are a source of work for sulfur miners, making their way up and down from the crater and down to the lake each and every day. At dawn, you can have a chance to witness an incredible natural phenomenon where blue-tinted flames will appear around the crater. Known by many as the Blue Fire, this phenomenon usually occurs around 05:00 AM.

Get Around

You can take a walk for about 1-1.5 hours around the crater rim.

Get There

The Ijen Plateau can be reached through Bondowoso from either the northern or the southern coast. It is closer to Banyuwangi, but the road can be very steep and badly deteriorated. A jeep is quite helpful, although difficult to hire in Banyuwangi and outrageously expensive. Most people walk the last 8 km (from about 64 km) along the road to Paltuding Post (the PHPA Post, the starting point, or the trek to the crater) from Bondowoso. Once you’ve arrived at Paltuding Post, you can trek your way up to the edge of the Ijen crater caldera through a 3 km long route. The daily climbing schedule starts at 01:00 AM up until 12:00 AM. However, during the restriction period, the climbing schedule will instead start at 03:00 AM.


located in Pesanggaran District , precisely in Sarongan village. It located about 90 km to south of Banyuwangi town. To reach this beach from Banyuwangi we just follow the directions to Pesanggaran-Sarongan-Sukamade, that are still one lane of route to Sukamade beach, Merubetiri National Park.

Green Bay is typical white sandy beach and the sand is find and it easily embedded in the skin. The bay also has panoramic view with green sea water inside and 8 meter high of waterfall. For those who give visit to this bay, the vehicles can be parked near Rajagwesi beach then we can walked to Green bay as far as +/- 2km. There is also a parking spot closer to the Green bay, but the roads are inadequate.

Choice of Nature Tourism in Banyuwangi, Suitable for Family Travelers

Banyuwangi has variety of tourist options. One of them is nature tourism. This is the attraction of Banyuwangi that must be visited. Banyuwangi is rich in natural destinations, including beaches and forests. The natural destinations include Baluran National Park, Meru Betiri National Park, Alas Purwo National Park, Ijen Crater, and Marina Boom Beach. Although Baluran National Park is in Situbondo, most tourists think it is in Banyuwangi. Family tourists usually visit the beaches in Banyuwangi. One of the most visited beaches is Boom Beach, also known as Marina Boom. Marina…

For  more detail pls read here


Banyuwangi, located at the most eastern edge of Java can boast yet another world class surf spot next to the already well known G-land at Plengkung: this is Pulau Merah Beach. Pulau Merah Beach is so-called since just some 100 meters to the side of the beach is a picturesque little hilly island called Pulau Merah, that is reachable on foot. This situation is similar to the location of the island of Tanah Lot to the main island of Bali. Unlike at G-land where are found sharp coral rocks by the beach, the beach at Pulau Merah-or the Red Island Beach-is open sand so that it is also safe for beginner surfers.

Compared to Bali’s Kuta Beach, surf here is stronger, offering large 4 meters high barrels with a length of 400 meters, ideal for surfers to try out tubing techniques. But since surf here comes in at an average of two meters height, beginners and amateur surfers alike can enjoy this beach. Whereas, the beaches at Plengkung and G-land should be ventured by professionals only.

Pulau Merah beach was originally known as Ringin Pitu. There are two versions for its name change. One version has it that because the color of the soil and sand are reddish, this is where it got its name from, while another story says that at one time some bright red rays shone from the small hilly Pulau Merah island onto the beach, thus giving it the name Pulau Merah beach. Another feature of the beach is the nearby fishing village called Pancer, where you can stay at villagers’ homes. Their hospitality to visitors in spite of their simple life is truly heartwarming.

Get Around

When you wish to explore Pulau Merah Beach, head to Pura Tawang Alun temple. This Hindu temple was built in 1980 and is frequented by Hindus from East Java’s Bromo mountain area as well as from Bali. Unfortunately, the 1994 tsunami destroyed the outer walls of the temple but the inner sanctuary (palinggih padmasana) has remained intact. During the tsunami, a 13-meter wave swept across the village destroying all including parts of this temple.

During your explorations, you will see people wearing bright green uniforms. These are gold miners, at a mine found near the shore. Local villagers, however, are opposed to its existence here since the mine pollutes the sea.

Get There

Pulau Merah Beach is one of the many attractive beaches found along the southern coast of East Java. To reach Pulau Merah Beach, you must first fly to Banyuwangi or you can also come in through the airports of Malang or Surabaya, the capital of the province of East Java. The closest airport, however, is Banyuwangi.

Located some 60 KM from Banyuwangi, the beach can be reached by car or motorbike in three hours, near the village of Sumberagung, in the subdistrict of Pesanggaran. Since access roads are smooth, it has become a favorite weekend destination for Banyuwangi residents. It is advisable to hire a car at the airport of Belimbingsari since there are few public buses heading to Pulau Merah from here.

From the town of Banyuwangi you can take a bus to Ujang Jaya in the direction of Pesanggaran village. Alight at the Pesanggaran market then continue by ojek or motorbike taxi to Pulau Merah. From Jember, alight at the Jajag terminal, and connect with the bus to Pesanggaran.




05.00-07.00 : Meeting Point at Ketapang harbor and briefing about how exploring one day land tour.

07.10-14.00 : We explore to IJEN or To Green Bay / Pulau Merah

our jeep adventure team picks you up to the Ijen crater. Our journey to Paltuding is the main gate of the Ijen Crater trekking the Path. Trekking for at least 3.5 km from the Paltuding Gate to the crater rim and trek down 1 km to the blue fire area and the sulfur mining area.

The phenomenon of blue flame Ijen can only be enjoyed until 05.00 am, because after the sun rises the light will illuminate the crater area and we will not be able to see the blue flame again. Return to the top of Ijen Crater to enjoy the sunrise and panoramic beauty of the Tosca lakes and lakes.

At 12:30 Pm go back to the starting point of the Paltuding gate and do breakfast at a local restaurant there and then
14.10-15.30 : OTW TO Ketapang Harbor

Pick you up from the hotel or Ketapang harbor - Banyuwangi City at 07:00 - 07:45 Am. At 08:00 We start explorinng Green bay beach and enjoy the sunset at Red Island beach. Explore and relax and enjoy the beauty of the green bay beach and you can also rent a boat to explore the Mustika Wedi Ireng beach area

Do lunch at local restaurant there, then at 14:10 - 15:30 OTW to Ketapang Harbor
Ended Program

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Pick up or drop off service from and to the transit location (by own vehicle)
  • Guests insurance
  • All Entrance Ticket Spot Tourism
  • Transport to and from!!
  • Car & Jeep (boat when it is in green Bay
  • Professional Guide
  • Meals during the trip: lunch & drink
  • Mineral water and snack juring the trip
  • Covid-19 equipment
  • First Aid Medical Kit (Your Guide will bring a Medical Kit but we also recommend bringing your own for your own use, as far as possible)

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Personal Expenses such as shopping, bar bills, hot shower, telephone, laundry, titbits etc
  • Services not mentioned or not promised by the agent/agency


How fit do I need to be to do this trek?

Ijen crater has a certain difficult trekking route: taking a walk for about 3-4 km. Any fit person can do this trek, even if you don’t have any previous experience. You should be aware of what to expect and mentally prepare for it.

what about the battery charging and hot shower facilites?

Yes, you can charge batteries on route (car). Charger should be brought. There are hot shower facilities as well, as long as we take an overnight.

Are there ATMs on the way

Yes, There are a few ATM from the route of this package tour. You will have to draw enough cash in every city or country we visit. There are a number of ATMs in these cities. Everything is paid in Indonesia Rupiah. So money should be exchanged before the tour start. Avoid to withdraw some money at the tourism spots

What about the Internet access

Yes. Internet can be accessed in our way travelling everyday. We provide portable wifi. Sometime, there might be some technical problems with the provider connection.

Is it neccessary to hire guide in Ijen or Green Bay

For trekking in Ijen Crater absolutely yes, so Is it in Green Bay

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