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tour-java-volcano-denpasar-city-tour one day is one of the other options, Tanah Lot & Ubud. This bali tour package 1 Day is intended for the certain & well off Foreign Guests which start from Bali Harbor at picking up hours time around 05:00 – 07:00. then provide you to explore the city tour. For our next recommended option tour is Bali – Jogya 5D4N

First Guide will pick you up directly to Denpasar City at 07:00 Am, Exploring city tour from at 08:00 Am. Then coming back to Bali Harbor at 15:00 Pm.

This is a favorite tour choice every year. Many local or foreigner tourists come and visit here to enjoy the panorama and feeling the clear atmosphere and let’s come and enjoy for the great adventure. In this package tour, we provide you several tourism spots around in Bali – Denpasar City tour for one day .

Spot Tourism That Can Be Visited While In Bali Depansar City Tour:

  • Traditional Market
  • Jagatnatha
  • Bali Museum
  • Bajrah Sandhi

After being satisfied in exploring Denpasar City Tour, then going back to Bali Harbor and free program.

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Notes : You can discuss tour packages with us regarding the price and duration of the tour. We provide according to your holiday needs

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Denpasar City Tour can increase harmony, where the purpose of traveling is to build positive interpersonal bonds. Therefore, many people spend part of their time traveling with friends, family , group of travellers or with special agent : Bromo Indonesia Travel – This traveling is recommended for those of you who have a solid activity of  vacation or education.

Denpasar City Tour of Indonesia has a variety of tourist treats from nature and artificial that you can enjoy with the person of your choice. One of them is on the island of Bali.

We  Bromo Indnesia Travel have various tour packages highlights with various tourist destinations that you can use for traveling – especially for menue Cruiship tour and Bali Paradise

We recommend you have partener/ friends in range  2 , 4, 6, 8 or 10. Then if the number of Guests  above than 10, you must confirm to us first, at least 1 month before the order, so we can publish  it to you the available check of price as soon as possible


Places of interest will be visit:

In this Tour we will visit Traditional Market, you will find the transaction voice among buyer and merchant with multifarious merchandise according to the life need like daily kitchen need, appliance of Hindu ritual, fruits until the traditional clothes. and than Jagatnata Temple, Bali Museum,  Bajra Sandhi Monument is a luxury monument standing up in the middle of Denpasar town.


Jagatnatha Temple is located in Denpasar City, precisely on Mayor Wisnu Street, east of Puputan Badung I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung Park. This temple is categorized as Kahyangan Temple. When compared to Kahyangan Temple or other temples in Bali, the name of this temple is taken from the name of the mountain/village associated with the temple located in the area of Besakih Temple and other temples.

Bali Museum

Bali’s island offers a great selection of fantastic places: natural attractions, art & cultural activities, and culinary and historical attractions such as a museum. Most of the art galleries in Bali is a painting museums. Also, the central location for painting museums in Bali located in Ubud’s tourist attraction. The question now is whether in Bali there is only a painting gallery. Or is there another type of Museum other than a painting museum? Yes, there are, of course, just a few of them. One of them is the Bali Museum Denpasar. Also, from the name, you already know that the Museum’s location is in Denpasar Bali.
Bali Museum Denpasar is also called the Bali provincial state museum of Denpasar, meaning that the Bali local government manages this gallery. The Museum offers plenty of knowledge concerning human civilization in Bali from time to time.

Before I write about the fascinating things you can see at the Bali Museum, it is a good thing, you know, a short history of the Bali Museum in Denpasar.

Above all, the initial idea to establish the Bali provincial state museum came from a man named W.F.J Kroon. W. F.J Kroon is a foreigner who served as an assistant resident of south Bali from 1909-1913. Initially started in 1910, from the construction of the Arca building. Three people became architects of the Arca building structure and there are:

  • I Gusti Gede Ketut Kandel.
  • I Gusti Ketut Rai.
  • Curt Grundler (German citizen).

To clarify, The Bali kings fund The construction of the Arca structure. From the king of Tabanan, the king of Buleleng, and the king of Karangasem. In 1930, a man named W.T Sttuterhim served as the leader of the old Balinese service. He attempted to fill the Arca building with ethnographic heritage.

Then a foundation that will manage the Museum was formed in 1932 to smooth the Museum’s operations. Meanwhile, on December 8, 1932, it held the first inauguration of the Balinese museum in Denpasar.

The Bali Museum Denpasar initially only had 2,600 square meters of land area. Also, there are three building divisions in the Museum, the outer courtyard, the central patio, and the inner yard. Walls bound each courtyard area, and an entrance gate connects to each courtyard area. In the inner courtyard, there are three buildings, and each installation is called based on the name of the king’s territory who financed the construction of the Museum:

  1. Building Karangasem.
  2. Tabanan House.
  3. Buleleng Building.

Right on the independence day of the Indonesian Republic, Bali’s Museum’s management in Denpasar takes over by the provincial administration of Bali. Then, on January 5, 1965, the Indonesian authority took over the institution’s control, which was later handed over to the education and cultural offices. The education and cultural office then give the Museum a name, Bali’s provincial state museum.

The expansion of the museum area took place in 1969, with the assistance of the Pelita project. The total area of 2,600 square meters becomes 6,000 square meters. Besides area expansion, one building was also added called the east house. During the regional autonomy in 2000, the management of Bali Museum Denpasar takes over by the Bali provincial government.

The Benefits Of Visiting Bali Provincial State Museum

The next question is, what is the benefit of visiting the Bali Provincial State Museum? Surely this will be a question for those who have never visited this Museum. Bali Provincial State Museum is an ethnography museum category. Therefore you must be interested in history or like to see the typical Balinese architecture. However, suppose you don’t have an interest in Balinese antiquity. In that case, it will be difficult for you to feel the benefits of visiting the Museum.

Bali Provincial State Museum differs from the existing Museum in Ubud tourist attractions. In Bali Museum, you can see an art collection with historical value from Balinese culture.

Museum collections consist of ethnographic collections such as equipment used during prehistoric times, religious and customary ceremonial material, and Balinese art and culture development from time to time. By seeing the museum collection, you will compare the form of a Balinese civilization from a prehistoric era to modern times.

Bajrah Sandhi

Bajrah Sandh Monumen for more detail here, you can read.


  • Traditional Market
  • Jagatnatha
  • Bali Museum
  • Bajrah Sandhi


08.00 - 14:00 Exploring to :
traditional market.
Bali Museum
Bajrah Shandi
Go back to Bali Harbor and Free program




  • Pick up or drop off service from and to the transit location (by own vehicle)
  • Entrance ticket
  • Transport to and from!!
  • Meals during the trip (Lunch and a cup of coffee or tea)
  • Mineral water and snack
  • professional guide
  • First Aid Medical Kit (Your Guide will bring a Medical Kit but we also recommend bringing your own for your own use, as far as possible)


  • Visa Charges Your travel and medical insurance Personal Expenses such as shopping, bar bills, hot shower, telephone, laundry, titbits etc Services not mentioned or not promised by the agent/agency


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