Java Island is one of the islands in Indonesia. The island is surrounded by the waters of the Java Sea, Sunda Strait, Indian Ocean and Bali Strait. The mainland of the island of Java stretches from west to east and is estimated to have a land area of ​​​​approximately 126,700 square kilometers.

The island of Java offers a variety of destinations that can be visited by tourists, both foreign and local. Destinations are given from natural scenery such as beaches and mountains, while non-natural destinations such as museums and other historical places such as temples from the royal era.

It’s no wonder that foreign tourists flock to Java for recreation because of the panorama it has, besides that, it also has a variety of cultures that have their own noble values ​​and which have become their own characteristic, namely the hospitality of the people, because of their hospitality, they feel like a king. very respected and want to come back again visit.

The problem is, there are still many tourist destinations that are no less interesting but are still not widely known by the public. From there we provide Java island travel packages that you can choose from, here are the Java island packages:

  1. Bromo Ijen Malang 4D/3N
  2. Bromo Sunrise Tour Package 2D/1N
  3. Bromo Ijen Penanggungan 5D/4N
  4. Bromo Tumpak Sewu 4D/3N
  5. Bromo Ijen Semeru 6D/5N
  6. Banyuwangi Tour Pack 2D/1N
  7. Jogja Tour 9D/8N

, , , 11 Days 2-10 People
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