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Tour-java-volcano-next excursion 1 day is the next exploration. The other ones: – excursion bromo tourbali in which is located on the easternmost island of Java, dubbed the Sunrise of Java. Semarang has a lot of unique and interesting charms that will amaze us.

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Some unique and interesting places of Semarang tour package:

  • Gedung Songo temple
  • Lawang Sewu

Gedong Songo Temple

It’is the name of a hindu cultural heritage temple complex located in candi village, Bandungan District, Semarang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia, precisely on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. In this temple complex there are nine temples.

It’s discovered by Raffles in 1804 and is a relic of Hindu culture from the time of the 9th century Syailendra dynasty (927 AD). It’s similarities with the Dieng Temple complex in Wonosobo and located at an altitude of about 1,200 m above sea level so the air temperature here is quite cold (ranging between 19-27 °C). The location of nine temples scattered on the slopes of Mount Ungaran has beautiful natural views. In addition, this tourist attraction is also equipped with hot springs from springs containing sulfur, camping areas, and horse riding tours.

Lawang Sewu

The name Lawang Sewu was originally the building’s nickname in Javanese which means “(building with) a thousand doors”. This building design has a lot of space, and has about 1,000 windows that are so high and so large that they are mistaken for “doors”. There are only 429 doors in the building.

Large windows are often found in Dutch buildings in Indonesia. Many buildings, houses, or other structures at that time had windows of a similar size. This was done to adapt the humid and hot climate in Indonesia. With these many windows, the more air will enter and the more cool air will make it.

Lawang Sewu is known to be haunted because its underground room was once used as a place of torture by the Japanese army. Many tourists enter the room solely to see ghosts. Among the ghosts reported to have inhabited the premises were a Dutch noni who committed suicide inside as well as sightings of a “headless ghost”.

Table For Semarang Cruise – City Tour Per Pax / Person & for group in range 2, 3-4, etc

  Pax 1 2 3-4
  Price in $ USD of Gold / VIP 200 125 100

Table of Semarang Cruise Tour

Table For SEMARANG -CUISE – BOROBUDUR TOUR Price Per Pax / Person & for group in range 2, 3-4, etc

  Pax 1 2 3-4
  Price in $ USD of Gold / VIP 220 188 120

Table of Semarang Cruise Tour


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Indonesia has a variety of tourist treats from nature and artificial that you can enjoy with the person of your choice. One of them is on the island of Java.

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Here, the spotlights of Semarang for 1 day

  1. Gedung Songo Temple

  • This is a resort on the slope of mount Ungaran, about 900 meters above sea level. Gedong Songo (nine buildings), a group of small 8th century Hindu Javanese temples, can be reached either by car or on horseback from the town. Built at about the same time as the temples of the Dieng complex, Gedong Songo is one of the most beautifully sited temple complexes in Central Java and the views alone are worth the trip. Gedung Songo (‘Nine Buildings’) belong to the earliest antiquities of Java, they follow up the temples on the Dieng Plateau directly, for what about time. They were also built high in the mountains in an area full with volcanic activity; and they were also from Hinduist origin. But where the temples on Dieng Plateau are somewhat squeezed into a foggy valley, Gedung Songo are spread over the higher parts of the mountains, which guarantee a splendid view. On clear days, the horizon is one long row of volcanoes, from mount Lawu in the east, towards mount Sumbing, mount Sundoro and Dieng Plateau in the west.The temples were built between 730 and 780, the first temple excepted, which could have been built some 30 years later. Gunung Songo is not the original name and also doesn’t point at the number of structures. The number nine has a special meaning in the Javanese culture, in which there is a strong attachment to numbers. The temples are located at about the same distance from each other (100 meters, 200 meters) on a naturally formed terrace of edge of a mountain.
  1. Lawang Sewu

  • Lawang Sewu is an important p;ace in Semarang and for may years have been returning  to Semarang ony to have a glimpse ofthis amazing place here. they love coming here simply because of the distiinctive Dutch symbolism and the immensely long corridors leading to the offices on the other sides.
  • Lawang sewu is famous for the Thousands doors and widows and the facinating long winding windows representing the Dutch Symbolism of the places. The building has numeruous long winding corridors which open out to the offices on the other end of the building on the other hand is a famous lnndmark on the regionof semarang.
  • The plasce actually build as the main colonial office for the Ducth and was then taken over by japanises government. this place was importanat because it waas used for giving shelter to the soldiers here. the place was often considered to the haunted place as many people believed that the place was inhabited by sipirit and ghosts.
  • Howerever later the place was converted into a heritage side and many come to visit the place during their holidays or vaction while comng to visit Semarang.



07.00-07.30 : Meeting point at Semarang harbor or conditional place and briefing about how exploring to Gedong Songo Temple and Lwang Sewu.
07.30-09.30 : On the way to the Gedong songo Temple
09.15 : Sightseeing in Gedong Songo and taking picture
11.30-13.30 : Having Lunch and proceed to Lawang Sewu
13.45- 14.50 : Sightseeing in Lawang Sewu and taking picture
15.00-15.30 : On the way to Semarang harbor

07.30-09.30 : On the way to Borobudur / Prambanan Temple, and at least 1,5 - 2 hours long way, we will arrive there, then, surely, we will visit home Industres for batic - silver jewelleriy, puppet - making process, Finally, we come back to Semarang harbor before 15:30

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  • Mineral water and snack during the trip
  • Covid-19 equipment
  • coffee / tea drink
  • First Aid Medical Kit (Your Guide will bring a Medical Kit but we also recommend bringing your own for your own use, as far as possible)

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